My Quarantine Top Reads

People love to be surrounded by things that comfort them. It just so happens that mine are books. Reading is as easy as breathing for bookworms like me. To finish a book in one sitting might sound astonishing, but for first-rate old biblophiles, this is rather normal. Quarantine has put many people in house arrest. But at home, there’s only so much you could do. … Continue reading My Quarantine Top Reads

Getting Started With Writing — The Unprofessional Guide

In the animation film Ratatouille, what caught my attention was the title of Gusteau’s Cooking Book. “Anyone can cook.” I believe that goes the same with writing. “Anyone can write.” And just like any other activity or skill, getting started is always the most difficult part. Waking up in the morning, it’s almost impossible to part with the comfort of your bed and pillows. But … Continue reading Getting Started With Writing — The Unprofessional Guide