A Love Letter to my Superhero

There’s so much more to our relationship than the words “I love you.”

When I was bullied as a child, you came to the rescue and defended me. You, then, taught me to be strong — you said I was strong — that no matter what happens, I’ll be able to do anything.

I was a child instilled with belief and strength.

When I fell down and my knee got scraped, you rushed and held me up. You said wounds were normal, but I should always take extra care of myself. I rebutted and said wounds really hurt, and I never want to have them again. You, then, reassured me you’d be there to help me heal them. But in cases that you wouldn’t be around, you told me I could patch myself up. You reminded me I was strong and brave to face my own challenges, and get back up on my own whenever I’d fall.

I was a young girl instilled with bravery and resilience.

When I had my first heartbreak, it broke you too. I cried at the backseat of the car and you stopped at the side of the long road home. You rushed to the back to hold me and let me cry. I was young, I was naive. I blamed myself for making the wrong decision and got my heart broken. But you shook your head and said sorry — told me it was your fault for not being able to protect me from that kind of pain. You reminded me again that I was strong, and that heartbreak would just make me even stronger. That day, I was broken, but you held me together and un-broke me. You said love came with pain — they’re packaged. We would just have to decide who’s worth it.

I was a teen instilled with love and acceptance.

When I turned 20 and started making my life decisions, you cheered on my every success, and supported my resilience to my failures. You said that my mistakes would help me learn, and that experience would be my best teacher. You reminded me again how strong and brave I was to face the world on my own, and to explore it to its ends.

I was an adult instilled with courage.

Dear dad,

Your name is what I bear, and your smile is what I wear. We never say “I love you” a lot, but I know we do, for our love is so much more than words.

We can sit next to each other and not say anything; but in that silence, I feel our love in a way words could never express.

We never say “I love you” a lot, but I want you to know that I do.

I love you, my superhero. I love you, dad.

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