Creepy Short Story Writing Prompts (Part 1)

Not my family

It was just like any other normal day. The sun was awfully bright, its rays dancing into your room, hitting your eyes, willing you to wake up.

You groan as you cover your eyes with your sheets and rolled over. You glanced at your bedside clock and saw that it was 9 am. But that’s not what bothered you. The house was eerily quiet as it should not be.

Your younger brothers and sisters would’ve ran around the house at this hour, and your mother yelling at them for creating such nuisance early in the morning. This would be the one that’ll wake you up — the noise. But it was quiet. The house was awfully quiet.

You got up, head downstairs and saw that your family was settled on the couch wearing their Sunday’s best.

You stop and saw they were all looking at you. Smiling.

It was only then you realized they weren’t your family. They’re gone and they were replaced with something sinister.


They’re watching us

You were on a field trip, your very first field trip.

You have mixed emotions: excitement, fear, nervousness. But you brushed all those off and thought everything was normal. Just normal.

To your surprise, the bus came to a halt at the side of the road. You look straight into the dark forest. The trees and their wide canopies were blocking the sunlight from entering the woods.

You were asked to go down and go have a look at the forest. Your friends were excited but you weren’t. You felt like there was something wrong — something was watching you. You turned your head to the right and saw the branch blinked. Green and sinister eyes were staring at you.

Something was watching.

No, they were many.

They were the trees.

I see you.

Finally, your adoption has been finalized. Today, you were taking Emily home.

Her room was freshly painted with pink and her bed was neatly made. Your excitement was over the roof that you bought everything you thought a young girl would love — books, dolls, stuffed toys, cooking and dining sets. You were filled with joy.

That night, before you slept, you tucked Emily to bed. When she fell asleep, it was only then you realized how tired you were.

You fell asleep almost immediately.

Then came a knocking on your bedroom door. You stood up to open it and saw no one was there. When you turned back, you saw Emily sitting on your bed with a disturbing and horrifying smile on face.

“Peek-a-boo, Mommy,” she whispered. “I see you.”

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