7 Adulting Signs You’re Unaware of

They say adulting starts when you land a good and stable job, and you start paying your own bills. But is that really all?

Here are seven adulting signs I wasn’t aware of until recently.

“Quality Over Quantity

You begin to realize less is actually more. Your group of friends gets smaller, and your inner circle gets thinner. Having a small number of genuine friends matter more than having thousands of plain acquaintances. And this actually makes you happier, not lonelier.

Night In is better than Night Out

While a night out is always nice and refreshing, staying in is just more comfortable now. You enjoy your own solitude, and you find solace in being at home. A bag of chips and a good Netflix show — so much better than parties and night clubs.

Or you can just rest and sleep! Your sleep becomes more valuable and you just find yourself preferring it over anything else.

Embracing Routines

It is spontaneity that makes life thrilling and exciting. However, you find comfort in routines as it makes you feel more stable and organized.

Comfort Over Style

Who doesn’t love a good sense of fashion?

But while designer clothes, OOTDs and matching outfits bring sophistication, you now prefer oversized shirts, warm sweaters and bigger joggers. You still want those great outfits, but you just find ease and contentment in your cozy clothes. That’s just that.

You get excited on mundane purchases.

Shoes, bags, clothes — yes, they excite you. But kitchen appliances, kitchenware, living room needs, vacuum cleaners — these tend to give you more pleasure! The idea of filling up your home with these mundane purchases gives you more enthusiasm.

And you start to appreciate non-stick skillet pans (which will definitely land on the top spot of my Christmas wishlist).

You accept feedback.

Teenagers tend to get emotional after receiving constructive criticism. However, what sets adults apart is the ability to accept these feedbacks without taking offense. Things that affected you when you were younger just don’t bother you anymore. Moreover, you embrace your individuality, and brush off judgments without arrogance.

Online Shopping

You prefer shopping online rather than going out and interacting with humans. You’ll willingly pay extra to get something delivered right onto your doorstep. It’s easier and more convenient.

If you have any adulting signs you would like to share, as mine’s only seven still, please comment them down below 🙂

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