The Sound of the Rain

It was the sound of the rain that woke me up
The sound of the rain, and I sat up
I clutched my chest as my tears took stroll
The pain came back, had to go through it all

The sound of the rain, its drops were loud
Took me back to when you were in that crowd
When our eyes then met, ‘twas so much more
Three years later, you left me ashore

The sound of the rain, it did not end
Opposed to the love you left in the bend
I bawled and then I started to ask,
“Was I not love, but just a task?”

The sound of the rain, a thunder’s roar
As loud and heavy as the hurt I bore
When you left and said you were done with me
I wished to drown in the yawning sea

The sound of the rain, I felt alone
Missing the days the sun had shone
I wither in tears with my olden pillow
Now that wherever I go, you will not follow

The sound of the rain, it just grew stronger
Now I remember you’re with another
I broke, I hushed, I wept, I faltered
You never yearned for the love I offered

The sound of the rain, when will it stop?
Lighten this burden I wish to drop
To drift back to sleep and forget the rain
For I’m paralyzed forever with this numbing pain

5 thoughts on “The Sound of the Rain

    1. Thank you so much, Margaret ❤️ I wasn’t actually sad when I wrote this. It’s kind of funny, I can write really sad things when I’m at my happiest. I sometimes think it’s my personal art? 🙈 But everything is well. 🤗❤️

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