12 Things You Should Do Alone At Least Once in Your Life

1. Go to the cinema and watch a movie

I’ve lost count on how many times I went to the cinema alone and watched a movie with a huge bag of popcorn and tall cup of milkshake ALL TO MYSELF. I laughed and cried alone, but I was never lonely. In fact, I enjoyed those moments of keeping myself company.

2. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner

Eating alone in a fancy restaurant where people are accompanied by friends, associates and guests, may be uncomfortable and awkward. But for me, it was a whirlwind experience. You get to focus more on your food without having to worry about making a conversation and entertaining other people.

3. Shop but not ‘til you drop

It’s really not advisable to squander your money whenever you feel like it. But sometimes, shopping can help you relieve stress. Pamper yourself. For once in your life, buy something nice for YOU. Shop alone without asking for anybody else’s opinion on whether the dress looks good on you or not. Enjoy the moment of not getting anxious and strained by the fact that someone is actually waiting for you while you fit and choose.

4. Wake up early and watch the sunrise

I’m the type of person who prefers to sleep in. But going out once in a while early in the morning to witness the sunrise is a magical moment. It’s always nice to witness something new — the start of a new day. Go out, have a huge cup of coffee or hot cocoa and blanket to keep you warm while you wait for the sun to rise.

5. Go to a concert!

‘Cause why not? Who says you can’t go to a concert alone?

I think the beauty of this is you can sing it all out (to your heart’s content!) and not get worried by getting judged because you don’t know anyone in the crowd. You’re there to have fun. However, if you’re a bit shy, book a karaoke room all to yourself and host your own concert.

6. Travel solo

When you travel alone, you can be completely selfish. This is probably the only context wherein being selfish isn’t a bad thing. Go and check out local landmarks and museums, visit as much many restaurants as you can, and do anything you could possibly do as a traveller. Take loads of pictures, buy souvenirs! It’s sometimes in these common and mundane things that you find actual happiness.

And with traveling solo, you come to know yourself more intimately. You slow down without distractions, and rest without feeling guilty.

7. Live alone

As you enjoy your very own privacy and personal space, you get to develop your very own confidence and independence. You learn how to budget and manage your living costs. And when you live alone, you tend to be in control of everything that you do without people judging you or getting into your nerves. Less negativity will lead to more possibility, and will enhance your mood and general disposition.

8. Host a solo dance party!

While dancing is a good form of aerobic exercise, it actually provides mental refreshment and relaxation. It allows you to express yourself as dancing is the hidden language of the soul. So, hosting a solo dance party while you bop to your favorite music actually contributes to both your physical and mental health.

9. Binge-watch while you binge-eat

Netflix and chill? More like a Netflix and chew!

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending the night in or day in watching your favorite movies or shows with your comfort food. For me, I guess it would be classic chick flicks or Harry Potter and a huge tub of cookies and cream ice cream.

10. Spa day!

Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Go out and get the best body relaxation you can get in spas. Spa treatments are known to increase blood circulation, and improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body which can develop your sense of well-being allowing you to feel better.

11. Unplug and disconnect from the world

Disconnecting from the world means disconnecting from social media, stress, and work. As life demands too much from us, to unplug from all that is one of the keys to happiness. We need to escape for a while to take the weight off our shoulders and slow down our pace.

12. Learn something new

To learn something new every day is a chance to become someone better. We believe that knowledge is power, and learning new things will help us gain more power. So go, take some time and learn a little Spanish or Korean!

3 thoughts on “12 Things You Should Do Alone At Least Once in Your Life

  1. Hey Joe,
    Just 8 and 10 outstanding.
    Working on 8 as love to dance and at beginning of lockdown here in England in March I downloaded a you tube link, must revisit.
    Have had mini spa days and God willing when Covid restrictions lift and it is safe to do so l will make time for a spa day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, wow ❤️ I love to dance too!! I really believe dancing could help you feel younger and happier 😉
      And I love spa days! I hope the situation in your country gets better so you can freely make time for the other things that you love to do 🥰
      I miss going out, a lot. But being safe is my top priority right now. Plus, I get to write more when I’m at home 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Joe, dancing ticks all the boxes. Music and dance kept my Irish parents and many more going in hard times ☘️
        Yes Joe, stay safe 🥰🥰🥰


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