The Beatles Book Tag!

I found this challenge while browsing through the reader tab on WordPress. It immediately caught my attention, and I said to myself,

“I want to do something like this!”

Shoutout to the orang-utan librarian for this!

The challenge is simple. The rules are:

  • Tag the original challenger
  • Tag the me so I can read your book tag
  • Tag as many people as you can to spread the challenge

It’d be Isaac Newton in this book by Samantha Sotto, “Love and Gravity”. I just admire the whole concept of finding love while defying the laws of gravity. And young Isaac Newton was definitely a catch.

I believe you can find the greatest lessons of life through death in this book. This highlights the simple yet powerful moments in life we should cherish.

If you just want to feel good and feel loved, and read a story that’s not going to fry your braincells, I recommend you this. You’ll easily get carried away.

This was one the first books I ever read that introduced me to world of reading. This helped me out in a way that it opened the door to my imagination and deeper comprehension. Such a wonderful discovery just like how Mary found the garden.

The plot was secretive yet so were the characters. I loved the mystery of it all and sometimes, this book haunts me in my dreams, taking me to a private island. Or maybe because I have this desire to escape everything and the book just offered me that.

Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read; however, it’s not something I’d want to read again.

This book is just pure bliss. I think it’s the book’s simplicity that made it a magnificent masterpiece.

Writing doesn’t confer importance, it reflects it.

I can’t find something plain weird, but this is an amazingly weird and twisted read — probably the best psychological thriller for your perusal. It’s a winning formula. The whole thing’s just frightening but enchanting.

This is a story of two people struggling with their emotions and scars. They eventually find that the smallest moments can be beautiful.

I’ve never been to Neverland, but the place has been etched in my heart ever since I was a young girl. It was in Neverland and in the stories of Peter Pan that I found magic and mermaids — a whole new world.

I love how this book displayed complex feelings and emotional depth between two fragile teens. Reading this made me feel in love and depressed — the whole plot was a whole rollercoaster ride, but a very beautiful one. This book was beautifully written, and brought me to tears as I was nearing the end.

This is what I call the book of love. In my opinion, most love stories nowadays are based on Jamie and Landon’s love story.

I was always at the edge of my seat reading this. And the concept of seeing people’s death dates just reeled me in. If it were me, I don’t know how I’d cope.

To be Asian and Chinese — probably one of the thousand reasons why I love this. However, it’s so much more than that. Family drama, gossip, traditions and romance blended very well through the pages.

I believe it only took me a day to finish each book. I was just hooked and in love with the series.

I thought my view or perspective on “soulmates” would change after reading this but apparently, it didn’t. However, the plot was amazingly thought through. And I loved how it showed that sometimes, soulmates really don’t end up together.

This book, and the whole series too, took me back to the days when I dreamt of happy endings with princes and princesses — when my understanding of love wasn’t as deep as it is now.

Simple plot, cliché, wasn’t proofread — I actually didn’t mind the technicalities reading this book. I just enjoyed it.

I love tearjerker readings, and this is just at the top of my list. We are reminded that in this life, we do have a choice, and these choices are meant to be respected though at times, not understood.

The best that I’ve read so far that gave me a very different approach to living a good life. While Mark Manson dropped a lot of word bombs, he also opened my eyes to reality.

Sweet romance in a small town, famous guy meets ordinary girl and they fall in love — I’ve got a thing for clichés. This is one of the books that feels so light to read. It’ll definitely leave a smile on your face.

This has been the set of books that I keep coming back to. I grew up reading these books and they have become a part of who I am.

I invite everyone who comes across this post to do this challenge! It’ll be fun and worth it. Please tag me too so I can read your book tags.

3 thoughts on “The Beatles Book Tag!

  1. really want to check out tuesdays with morrie! Love the secret garden and we were liars! Loved gone girl and all the bright places as well. me before you made me cry so much too. Fantastic picks! very much enjoyed your answers! Glad you did this!

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