Interviewing the Hey Joe Show — How everything started

In the year 2015, even before the Hey Joe Show was featured on television, I have been following them on social media. For me, it was astonishing to come across five Americans who loved the Filipino culture and learned the Visayan language by heart.

I binge-watched their uploads, told my friends about it until they, themselves, started watching and loving the group of Amerikanong Bisaya. We would spend hours talking about their videos and express how touching it was to see foreigners deeply appreciate and embrace our culture.

In 2015, I sent them a long post on Instagram stating how thankful I was for their wholesome entertainment, and how much I would like to see them in person. At that time, they had gone back to the United States. To my surprise, they replied! And even told me that I was the first to know that they’ll be visiting the Philippines again to have mall shows. A few days later, they did their official announcement.

I felt so special and rewarded as a fan. For me, that was a huge accomplishment of being a fangirl. Plus, they followed me back on Instagram and commented on one of my posts.

Years passed and they haven’t been uploading videos on YouTube as much as they used to. And then the pandemic happened. The whole world was about coronavirus, quarantine, lockdown and face masks. It was then when I had the idea to reach out to them.

I sent a message to their group account, and even the personal ones, that I would like to conduct an online interview with them. I only had a couple of questions and I hoped that I’d get an answer.

To my surprise, again, they replied!

So, how did I handle my fangirling moments?

Actually, I didn’t. I let it all out.

I was very vocal on how much of a fan I was and they didn’t mind. They were surprised that they still had supporters even when they hadn’t created much content over the years.

The interviews were short and brief; however, very inspiring. One of the members even wished me good luck on this passion I’ve wholeheartedly followed, which is writing.

If you want to read about my online interview with the Joes, click here.

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