A love letter to the one I’m with today…

When it comes to you, I never know where to start. I could talk about anything, and eventually it’ll just end up with your name and how much I love you.

How we met wasn’t special. Birds didn’t sing, it didn’t rain, the world didn’t stop. If time stood still, I’ll never know. How it started wasn’t extraordinary. But how we coursed through our lives together was the rollercoaster high.

Maybe it was the peanut butter sandwich, or the roses and chocolates. The sweet messages or the way you make my heart flutter. Or maybe it’s just how you always reach out to hold my hand and hold it tight like it’s the most precious thing to you. Or maybe it was just you. Your whole existence. Just you.

It was with you that I realized how people have different love stories to tell. Some start as best friends, or enemies. Some as acquaintances. But us, we just clicked out of nowhere, and voila ~ here we are.

Our love isn’t perfect. It has issues just like any other relationships. We love, we cry. We fight, we heal. And the mundanity makes it beautiful. We’re common, but we’re special — a kind of blend that’s difficult to understand, but real.

To the one I’m with today, let’s last a lifetime.

Let’s love, let’s fight.

Let’s grow, let’s survive.

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