Questions an aspiring writer should be able to answer

I was taught that writing is an adventure: one’s discovery of self and soul. If you know yourself, you’ll write better books and stories.

Here are questions an aspiring writer should be able to answer:

1. What subject brings you to your knees?

Many aspiring writers stop in the middle of their writing journey to avoid subjects that they fear.

Some people want to write about pain, but eventually they don’t because the subject will open up wounds.

Face those subjects that bring you to your knees. Face those subjects that you’ve been trying to avoid. Write them, let them go.

2. Who are you writing for?

Are you writing for children? Young adults? Adults? Is there a certain age group you want to target? A community?

Or maybe just one person?

Or, is it yourself?

This will help you address your message clearly and align your perspective with your readers.

3. Why are you writing?

You’re not writing just to help. Why do you want to help? You’re not writing just to express yourself. Why do you want to express yourself? You’re not writing because it’s your dream. Why do you want to write so badly?

Ask yourself the deeper whys.

It may change over the years, but to acknowledge the reasons why you want to write will help you figure out who you are as a writer.

4. What is the one book you’ve been dying to write?

Some writers write because they seek approval. But setting aside pressure, judgment and whatsoever, what is it that you want to write? You’re not under a time constraint, and your talent’s unlimited.

What would you like to write with no strings attached?

It’s a journey, the writing life. Every day, you figure yourself out. And that’s the beauty of not knowing everything. There’s excitement. There’s fear. But most importantly, there’s courage to face that fear with a dose of thrill.

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