My Netflix K-Drama List

It is no secret that the Korean drama has been dominating the entertainment industry. Lots of their shows have been given high praises not only for the world-class script and plot, but also the great casting, impressive cinematography and addicting OSTs.

Below are some of the impactful dramas I have recently seen on Netflix, and that are worth sharing.

1. Start-Up

A story of young individuals who are all driven with passion to start their own business. When Seo Dal-Mi and Nam Do-San were chosen to join Sandbox, a tech accelerator for entrepreneurs, along with Won In-Jae, Dal-Mi’s sister, all of them are pitted against one another in a contest determining the best of the best.

However, Dal-Mi is still unaware that a person from her past, Han Ji-Pyeong, has been with her throughout the start-up journey.


With a mix of drama, comedy and romance, the viewers are reeled in with the secrets carried by each of the characters. Will Seo Dal-Mi end up with Do-San or Ji-Pyeong?


Personally, I’m all down for Ji-Pyeong.

2. Record of Youth


This drama centers on young and ambitious individuals from different social classes working in the show of entertainment business and fashion. Sa Hye-Jun and Won Hae-Yo are models who dream to become actors. In their journey, they meet An Jeong-Ha, a makeup artist who also dreams to have her own brand. The three face various obstacles toward reaching their dreams and making the best out of their youth with friendship, love and ambition.

3. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay


The story follows a caretaker, Moon Gang Tae, who crosses paths with a children’s book author, Ko Moon Young. Always on the run, Moon Gang Tae has been taking care of his elder brother, Moon Sang Tae, who is autistic and experiences recurring nightmares from the day their mother was murdered. Sang Tae is a huge fan of Moon Young and her books. Their lives become intertwined as the drama unfolds their dramatic back stories.

This, for me, still stands as the best Korean Drama I have ever seen for it’s not only pure entertainment, but it educates us about depression and mental health.

4. Crash Landing on You


A unique love story between a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-Ri, who got caught in a storm while paragliding and was blown off to land in North Korea. She meets Ri Jeong-Hyeok, a captain of the North Korean Special Forces and a member of the North Korean elite family. Captain Ri does everything he can to make sure Se-Ri gets back to South Korea safely; however, they encounter many obstacles leading to the numerous delays of Se-Ri’s return. This has been a genuinely fun mix of romance and comedy of two star-crossed lovers, while educating the viewers of the situation and relationship that is of North and South Korea.

5. Kingdom: Season 2

In the first season, the South Korean political period horror depicts the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang, who investigates the spread of a mysterious plague which also afflicts his father, the King of Joseon.

In the second season, the story still revolves around Lee Chang and his struggle to save his people from the plague. As the calamity continuous to loom among the living, can the Prince save his people in time and end the political turmoil?

Or, will this be the end of the Joseon dynasty?

6. The King: Eternal Monarch

If you’re talking about parallel universes, time travels, a handsome king, a very smart and strong female detective, tragedy, romance and comedy — you’re in luck! This drama is for you.


This is a story of King Lee Gon, who rules the Kingdom of Corea wherein North and South Korea are still unified. He discovers a portal in a bamboo forest that will lead him to a parallel universe, specifically the South Korea that we know today. He meets and falls in love with Detective Jeong Tae-Eul, and work together to close the portal before the two worlds collide and time freezes forever.

7. Hotel del Luna


It’s a story about a ghost hotel that’s also run by ghosts who are stuck in between life and afterlife.

Located in the middle of Seoul, the hotel is managed by a beautiful yet ill-tempered CEO who was cursed to run the hotel due to a terrible crime she committed in the past.

The supernatural place is not visible in its true form during the daytime to humans. Only a select few can see the Guest House and its crew.

8. Touch Your Heart

A light and really really fun drama to watch, Touch Your Heart takes place in a high-powered law firm where an actress who wants to rise back up to stardom works as a secretary for a very cranky attorney. Setting aside the fact that they are both gorgeous-looking, their chemistry is also impeccable.

9. Goblin

A melancholic and strange but beautiful story between a goblin and his high school bride-to-be, is pretty dark yet reeling. This drama makes you appreciate the little highs and lows of life. With a mix of comedy, addicting soundtrack and beautiful picturesque scenes, this is a flawless fictional drama that will totally leave a huge imprint in your life.

Plus, the actors and actresses in this drama are the without a doubt the perfect casting. They received a high praise for being able to show depth of emotions within seconds.

10. While You Were Sleeping


This is a legal yet romantic drama that tells the story of a young woman who dreams of terrible things that will happen in the future. She then meets a young prosecutor who helps her try to prevent these tragic events, and eventually they fall in love.

11. A Korean Odyssey

The story revolves around the powerful Son Oh-Gong, and the Devil King , who are in conflict with each other yet looking for a true light in a dark world where evil continuously thrives. Oh-Gong is bound to Seon-Mi, a girl he had met 25 years ago, whom he made a contract with stating that whenever Seon-Mi calls him out, he’ll appear. Son Oh-Gong eventually finds out that he’s in love with Seon-Mi, and defies the heavens to protect the one that he loves.

12. Uncontrollably Fond

This is a romantic melodrama of two former lovers who reunite years later as a top actor and producer. The memory of their painful breakup is still fresh that it still gets in the way of their work.

This drama brought me to lots of tears. It was beautifully written, the casts are obviously visual goals, and the soundtrack’s strikingly good.

These are just some of the K-Dramas that I’ll happily recommend to anyone who wants to enter the world of Korean Dramas. For sure, they’ll be wanting more and end up binge-watching the whole season in one day.

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