Life Lessons Over the Weekend

The balloon and the ice cream

Picture out a child in a park with an ice cream in one hand, and a balloon in the other. Suddenly, the wind blows and the child accidentally lets go of the balloon. The child cries as the balloon floats away and flies farther. Crying over the balloon, the child forgets about the ice cream he’s been holding in the other hand. The ice cream melts, and is totally forgotten.

In our life, we are holding both balloon and ice cream. We encounter problems and obstacles along the way and focus on that more, forgetting that we still have an ice cream — the good things that we have that others don’t. Let’s not take our ice cream for granted before it melts away.


We love countdowns.

We count the days before our birthdays, Christmas, New Year, and other special events. We love countdowns so much that we often forget to make the days count. However, there’s nothing wrong with counting the days before certain occasions. Let’s just not forget to live for today, and make it count.

Let’s leave the past as it is,
for it’s something we can’t change.
Let’s leave the future in God’s Hands,
for it’s something we can’t predict.
Let’s live for today and make it count,
for it’s something we can control.

The Dog in Thorns

Once there was a dog stuck in a green vine with thorns. He kept moving, hoping to wiggle off the vines. However, as he moved, the more hurt he became. Then, a young girl came and calmed the dog down. She said, “Stay still. I’ll help you.”

The girl removed the thorns carefully, and the dog was free.

Sometimes, we suffer more if we panic. The thorns represent our worries, our problems. If we fight it off and move without thinking carefully, the more pain we feel — the more chances of getting hurt. But if we stay still, calm down, let others help, and let God in, we’ll be able to breathe and find resolution.

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