Project BĒNIEficiary: The Bēne Street’s Support for Tomorrow

Charity work is a feeling of social conscience — a moral duty to give back to the society with what we have and what we can share.

Hope givers, through The Bēne Street’s Project Bēnieficiary, donated money to support the distribution of The Bēne Street coffee bags in solo packages to the frontliners and heroes of Cebu City. This act of kindness was a support for tomorrow as many people continue to battle against COVID-19.

More than 320 packets of hope were delivered to the following locations:

  • Cebu South Medical Center
  • Talisay District Hospital
  • Cebu Velez General Hospital in partnership with TORCH (Total Outreach for Community Health)
  • Biopath Clinical Diagnostics
  • Our Lady of the Rule Maternity and General Hospital (Lapu-lapu)

These solo packages became more than just coffee. With notes and messages from donors on each of the packets, warmth and support were delivered that touched the hearts of our heroes.

The Bēne Street plans to carry on with their deliveries of these small packets of hope until the end of November 2020. With a new project in mind for the PWD and the Home for the Aged, The Bēne Street continues to inspire many members of the community and local businesses to provide aid, and culture generosity among the people within their reach.

To give back is a sentiment rooted deep into our personal values and principles. This fulfilling sense of purpose is what sets us apart and makes us human.

Kudos to our frontliners for their service to the nation, to all the generous donors who made this project possible, and to The Bēne Street whose single cup of coffee became a warm cup of strength for our country’s heroes.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Ronald Reagan

To check out The Bēne Street, follow them by clicking on their social buttons below:

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