Things I can’t wait to do when quarantine ends

Plenty of things, actually.

In the first couple of months, being at home because of quarantine was just bearable. I didn’t mind having the same routine every single day which was to eat, work and sleep. The normality of my daily cycle didn’t cause any discomfort as I was just fine staying at home.

But, it’s been eight months. Eight long months.

I’ve missed a lot of things.

It was only then I realized how much I wanted to do a lot more than just follow my fixed routine and drown myself in work.

Visit local or international cafes

Yes, one shall not squander his/her own money on expensive coffee. Nonetheless, to treat yourself once in a while, and to pay for the convenience and ambiance only a coffee shop can offer are arguably good reasons — because, why not? It’s coffee!

I miss the smell of coffee brewing once I step into a coffee shop, and hear people chatting just about anything. To sit in a comfortable corner, to read a book, or even to write a blog — wouldn’t it be nice to experience all those all over again without having to worry about getting ill?

Go to the cinemas

Before the pandemic started, I visited the cinemas once a week to watch a movie.

Yes. Once. A. Week.

At the least.

The cinema is at the top of the list of my favorite go-to places. While you can enjoy Netflix at the comforts of your own homes, the cinematic experience is just different. More so if the movie’s a good thriller or horror.


One of the many travel plans I canceled was my solo trip out of the country. I thought it would be a great birthday gift to myself to be able to wander around a different place with people who have no idea who I am.

But because of the many restrictions imposed, traveling is not as easy as it was before. And with strict borders all over the area, even crossing from one city to another is difficult.

Check off my foodie bucket list

To go on food trips by the beach or mountain tops — definitely dreamy. It used to be so easy visiting those places with your family and friends, but because of quarantine and strict city borders, checking off my foodie bucket list has never felt so out of reach.

But once this quarantine ends, I would love to spend hours staring at the city’s spectacular view from above while sipping hot coffee.

Spend in-person happy hours

Birthdays. Parties. Reunions. Get togethers.

Being sociable and going out to meet other people, most especially those closest to you, are one of the many things that can keep you sane in this life. And there are certain occasions in which you would want to celebrate with those who are dear to you. But with the current situation, gatherings are done virtually.

Although virtual get-togethers are convenient and less of a hassle, in-person happy hours have a different feel.

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