Blogging 101: 35 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

It’s December! Time for some Christmas blog posts!

Most people, if not all, jump onto Google and social media to look for holiday ideas and inspiration. Bloggers should make use of this season of jolly to write up blog posts that can influence readers to be creative and festive. And also, create traffic in their sites.

Bloggers should be able to showcase what they can do by posting creative yet thrifty guides and tips; inspire people to make the most out of the holidays; and entertain readers with their favorites and Christmas season recollections.

Here are some ideas that might spark your interest to write a blog:

  • Christmas Decoration Wish List
  • How to wrap Christmas gifts like a pro!
  • Christmas party ideas
  • Christmas gift guide
  • Best and worst Christmas celebrations
  • Jumpers and Sweaters Blog
  • Personal Christmas Wish List
  • Christmas Playlist
  • DIY Christmas Presents
  • Must-see Christmas movies
  • Christmas dinner leftover recipes
  • Christmas blog event
  • Local Christmas Markets
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Party, Christmas Look
  • Stocking Filler Ideas
  • Christmas Stories You Want to Share
  • Christmas Snacks Recipes
  • Favorite Christmas Carols
  • Holiday Wishes
  • A list of Christmas Cheeky Jokes
  • December Writing Challenge (Write a blog post every day for the whole month of December)
  • Christmas Shopping Tips: Buy Great Gifts Without Getting Broke
  • A guide to Christmas Knitting/Quilting
  • Holiday Memories
  • Christmas Travel Blogs
  • Christmas Trivia
  • Holidays on a Budget Guide
  • Christmas Paper Crafts
  • Christmas-themed food ideas and recipes
  • Christmas Cookies!
  • How to have an eco-friendly Christmas
  • Festive Makeups for Christmas parties
  • Party games for the holidays
  • How to host a Christmas party

I hope this list gives you a few ideas to make your blog content more festive.

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