My Favorite Christmas Films

A cup of hot chocolate in your best cozy sweater and pajamas, and a good Christmas movie — Happy Holidays!

You’ll definitely know it’s the season to be jolly when people are organizing Christmas parties, exchanging gifts, singing along to Christmas songs, and playing Christmas films.

1. Home Alone

It’s not Christmas without Kevin McCallister left on his own to celebrate the holidays.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

May our hearts be as big as The Grinch who now loves Christmas!

3. A Christmas Prince Trilogy

A royal love story during the Christmas season never goes old.

4. Princess Switch

Another royal love story during the Christmas season! Definitely a favorite for me.

5. Last Christmas

A Christmas film with recognizable cast in the city of London — a total banger! Holiday romantic-comedies are just wonderful.

6. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

Cinderella will always be one of my favorite stories. But a musical Cinderella set on Christmas? — Take my money!

7. Let It Snow

A perfect movie for any young adult who wants to spend their free time watching a relatable rom-com.

8. Disney’s A Christmas Carol

This movie will remind you once more what a great choice it is to love Christmas. No time for sulking!

9. The Polar Express

A picturesque tale preaching the true meaning of Christmas. Believe in what you wish!

10. The Christmas Chronicles

Santa Claus is back in town!

This movie tells us about the importance of the Christmas spirit and how it reminds us to be good. So you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why.

11. The Man Who Invented Christmas

An inspiring and powerful movie of how Charles Dickens brought great elements together to make a meaningful Christmas season.

12. Love Actually

A wonderful story of couples who deal with their relationships in different ways. It may not be the best on this list, but it’s a beautiful romantic comedy that’s hugely entertaining and heartwarming.

13. Serendipity

This is more like a romantic film than a Christmas-focused one. But, come on. Who wouldn’t want a romantic affair like this? A serendipitous meeting on Christmas Eve — PERFECT!

14. You’ve Got Mail

If this doesn’t make you yearn for Christmas, then it’ll definitely make you yearn for the 90’s.

15. Midnight at the Magnolia

Realizing you’re in love with your best friend all this time..

Scared of risking everything, most especially your friendship..

Wow. You gotta make a choice!

These are just 15 of the movies that comes to mind whenever the jingle bells. Some of these movies are classics, some are new. But to me, the one that tops the list this year is The Christmas Chronicles.

What are your favorite Christmas films?

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