Christmas Traditions We Can’t Do Because of COVID-19

Christmas is best spent with families and friends. It won’t matter where you are in the globe as long as you are with the people you love.

However, the continuous battle against COVID-19 forces people to celebrate the holiday season at the comforts of their own homes. As for my family, it’ll just be a Christmas Wonderland at our residence. Nonetheless, Christmas will still be filled with warmth and joy as we are blessed to have lived to celebrate this season together.

1. Huge Family Parties

Maybe in some places, big gatherings are already possible. But from where I live, getting together in this time of the year with the pandemic still going on — really difficult.

I certainly miss the homemade cooking of our personal MasterChef, my grandmother who passed away years ago. But her recipes were handed down to my aunts, so technically it’s still my grandmother’s cooking. I miss the karaoke sing-alongs, the BINGO games, the mahjong nights, the raffle prizes and exchanging gifts. I miss the huge family getting together on Christmas Eve, waiting for the clock to strike twelve.

2. Office Christmas Parties

Games. Raffles. Prizes. Gifts.

Office Christmas Parties are as jolly as huge family gatherings. The only difference is that you’re celebrating with the people who you work with. The people who you see every single work day, who has the same sentiments as you with work.

3. Holiday Cheers!

I miss my closest friends who are always down to sharing the same excitement and love I have for Christmas. Celebrating the holiday season in people-packed restaurants and grabbing a drink after that — it’s the Holiday Cheers!

4. Panic-Christmas-Shopping

Never-ending Sales. Big Big Big Discounts. Free Give-aways. People carrying bundles of joy in their bags.

I miss seeing the malls packed with people getting gifts for themselves and for others. I miss seeing people rushing in supermarkets to grab everything they need for the Noche Buena. The buzzing and the busy streets are just beautiful reminders of how people really love this year’s season, and how it’s worth it to go on panic shopping.

5. Holiday Travels

We would’ve been in South Korea by now. It would’ve been an amazing family escapade to spend winter in Korea. Last year, we were in Taipei and it was amazing.

It has been a family tradition to spend vacation elsewhere. Visit another country or another city — traveling together this year would’ve been really nice.

To witness other people’s Christmas traditions, eat their own version of a Christmas feast — the whole new experience is something I would really love to feel again once the pandemic dies down and the travel restrictions are not as strict as they are now.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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