The Bēne Street: My Simple Recipe to a Perfect Cup of Hot Cocoa

When I think of Christmas, the picture that immediately pops into my head is me by the Christmas tree, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, and a hot cup of cocoa in my hands.

I grew up in a family that loves hot chocolate. In the Philippines, having hot chocolate on a daily basis is not uncommon. My grandfather would always have his cup (every day) early in the morning. He would pair it with bread, and to him, it’s already the perfect breakfast.

So, how do you make a perfect hot cup of cocoa?

Lately, my favorite cocoa tablets are from The Bēne Street. It’s affordable, and it’s really good.



  • Cocoa tablets (3:1 ratio; 3 tablets, 1 cup)
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Milk (optional)
  • Marshmallows (optional)

Easy step by step process:

1. Boil water and add the cocoa tablets.

For one cup of hot cocoa, boil one cup of water. When bubbles start to form (don’t wait for the water to boil), drop the cocoa tablets, and stir or whisk continuously until the mixture thickens and the cocoa dissolves.

1:1 ratio is acceptable when making hot cocoa. However, I prefer it to be rich in texture or consistency.

2. Add sugar to add sweetness.

If you’re a sweet tooth like me, then adding sugar would be perfect. I only add a teaspoon for one cup.

3. Add milk and marshmallows.

This step is optional. You can add as much milk and marshmallows as you want. It’s one’s personal preference to add some. As for me, there are days when I add milk and marshmallows, and days when sugar is enough; the strong taste of cocoa is what I’m after.


You’re hot chocolate is ready! Serve warm and drink with a happy heart.

How about you? How do you prepare your hot cocoa?

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