O Christmas Tree, O Christmasphere!

Putting up Christmas decorations can definitely improve one’s mood, scientists say. It has been known that the interest itself on Christmas decors can evoke nostalgia and bring back strong feelings of childhood.

In addition, Christmas decorating actually spikes dopamine levels, or “happy” hormones. Bright lights and flashes of colors, like red, make up an ambiance that boost happiness.

Below are some festive or neutral themes to inspire many people to decorate this Yuletide season.

1. Classic Blue/Navy

Classic Blue is the Pantone color for 2020. This can significantly influence one’s wardrobe, home decor and of course, Christmas decor!


2. Platinum

A tone that’s in between silver and gold — platinum never goes out of style.

3. Gingerbread

Cakes. Ice cream cones. Marshmallow. Pastel colors.

Gingerbread is the resurgence of tasty treats on your Christmas trees.

4. The Nutcracker

A whimsical theme of green, red, blue and gold, with sugar plum fairies dazzling alongside the nutcracker.

5. Farmhouse, Warm House

A nostalgic theme using plaid prints, rustic details, wooden designs and aged materials — this would go well with berries and neutral colors.

6. White Christmas


Aesthetically beautiful with a blend of soft gray, beige and white — this neutral color scheme plus a touch of snow-like decorations would be a ticket to Winter Wonderland.

2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree, O Christmasphere!

    1. Wow! That’s amazing!! It was actually my younger brother who mentioned that word to me, and I thought it would be wonderful to make a title out of it. Such a great coincidence. Happy Holidays!!!! :)))

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