The Art of Writing Christmas Letters

Christmas is the best time of the year to strengthen relationships and take a time away from screens. Get inspired, and put that pen to paper!

1. It’s a very considerate way of reconnecting with other people.

Writing takes effort.

Pouring your heart out into words and writing them down is one of the best ways to reconnect with people. There’s a personal touch letters give off that digital messaging cannot do. Yes, sending text messages, chats and e-mails are more convenient, cheaper and easier. However, letters will always have a different feel.

Call me old school, but writing is classic.

And classic never goes out of style.

2. Memories become tangible with handwritten letters.

Memories can be easily imprinted on letters. You just have to write them down. One can revisit a particular memory just by rereading letters.

Reminiscing has never been more tangible.

3. Letters and long messages are uniquely personalized by you.

Just like DNA and fingerprints, your personal letters and long messages are unique. YOU make those letters unique.

Your string of words, your handwriting, and your beautiful way of putting words together — your writing is your identity.

4. You leave an imprint and deep impression.

A letter may get crumpled, but the deep impression remains for a very long time. You leave a mark on the people who reads your letters.

5. Writing itself is therapeutic.

Have you every written your frustrations on a piece of paper?

‘Cause I have. Many many times.

And it felt so good. My frustrations and anger may not have faded away, but somehow the heavy load in my heart felt lighter. I became level-headed, and my thoughts weren’t clouded anymore.

Writing itself is therapeutic. More so if you’re sharing love and comfort through words to your families and friends.

6. Letters are the sweetest confirmation of your relationship.

When you write for someone, you confirm your true relationship with the effort itself. And when words are read, the feeling that rushes through your veins is so immaculate that it makes your heart warm.

When you write a letter, your care and comfort show. It’s love in a card or in a piece of paper.

7. Writing is a tried and true tradition.

The first recorded handwritten letter was made by Persian Queen Atossa around 500 BC. Stamped letters began during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1840.

Writing letters has been going around for a very long time. Yet, it’s the 21st century! People still love it.

8. It’s easier than you think.

Well-written messages are the least expensive gifts you can give to someone, yet they hold more meaning than you think. With a couple of strokes from your pen, you have the power to give courage, love and thought to inspire someone or kindle a relationship.

It’s the start that’s the hardest. But as the words begin to flow, you’ll be surprised to see that your heart has a lot to pour out.

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