2021: A Year of Hope

2020 was tough and disappointing. Plans were cancelled, relationships struggled, problems doubled, tensions arose. We broke down plenty of times, and even underwent depression. We felt locked out, we were disconnected from the world.

But despite drowning into pessimism, 2020 made us better. We became more patient, we became more thrifty. We appreciated the short reconnections online; hugs and kisses became more meaningful and priceless. The little things were not so little anymore, and we appreciated them so so much more than we’ve ever done before.

A single phone call wishing you well, food delivered on your doorstep from a friend, unexpected meetups on groceries, meaningful conversations over coffee — these mere mundane moments made us feel elated. The satisfaction over seeing the smiles behind the masks will forever be beyond price.

2020 may have brought us distress, but it didn’t disappoint. We have lost a lot, but we’ve gained more. (Including weight.)

Yet just like any other year, 2020 had two sides of the coin. It brought the yin and the yang, it took us up after down. And after everything that we’ve been through, we became more hopeful. We greeted 2021 with such high hopes, and with hearts filled with dreams of being able to roam the world freely without restrictions.

We know that 2020 made us better, braver and bolder.

Let’s hold on to that hope we’ve embraced when the clock stroke twelve. Let’s love more and connect more.

Dear 2020, you got us here.

Dear 2021, we’re ready.

Here’s to a great year ahead with the better versions of ourselves. Together, let’s flip every page and keep the faith.

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