Why Do You Feel Tired All The Time?

You’re Anaemic

When you complain about feeling sleepy or tired all the time, doctors usually check for anaemia or thyroid disorders. Anaemia is when blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen to your body, and the most common cause of this is iron deficiency.

People with anaemia may also experience the following in addition to tiredness:

  • feeling cold
  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • headaches

Thyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, is a condition wherein your thyroid gland doesn’t produce as much hormones as expected. In addition to feeling tired, you may also feel that your skin is dry and you get constipated a lot.

Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes

Having high blood glucose may impair your blood circulation. Cells won’t be able to get the oxygen and nutrients they need causing you to be tired.

You’re Depressed

If you feel tired all the time, you don’t want to go out, and/or you have trouble sleeping — you might be depressed. When you visit the doctor, he/she will use a screening tool to determine whether you have an ongoing depressive disorder, a life stressor or alcohol that affects your emotional state.

Leaky Gut or Food Sensitivity

Eating poorly, like too much processed food intake, may cause proteins to leak into your bloodstream creating an inflammatory response. And this manifests as bloating, fatigue, moodiness and headache, or even weight gain.

If you have food sensitivities, you can feel tired or fatigued, get rashes and experience bloating.

Sleep Apnoea

If you have sleep apnoea, your throat starts to close when you’re asleep, thus, the snoring. Not getting enough oxygen is scary, but your brain won’t let you suffocate by waking you up in an alarmed state.

There are times these happen without you noticing. However, these short moments are the reason why you feel exhausted when you wake up.

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