Love the person, not the fantasy you created

I had a meaningful conversation with my boyfriend over flat whites and a piece of chocolate cake, and we talked about how we managed to stay with each other for four years.

I’m not much of a relationship sharer, but here’s just a glimpse of it.

We’ve been through a substantial amount of jealousy and survived.

We’ve had our share of unimaginable fights here and there, and survived.

We’ve shed tons of tears, we’ve been on the edge — but still, here we are, loving each other like crazy.

And survived.

Maybe it was the familiarity and the ease that made us stay, or the deep love and connection that made us tighter.

Or maybe it was this one question…

“Will I be able to get on with my life if I let this person go?”

I realized that there’s definitely a fine line between reality and fantasy.

And that barrier between the two is all in your head.

I have to admit, I dreamt of that Romeo and Juliet fantasy. But let’s face it. Not everyone gets a star-crossed-lovers-type of love story. (Here’s what you get after reading too many Nicholas Sparks, and watching too much Korean dramas.)

And maybe we also want that fire burning like the Duke of Hastings had with Daphne in the series, “Bridgerton”. (Too much Netflix.)

But hey, who says real love only happens between royalties and supereminence?

Let go of those fantasies you created and love the person that’s in front of you.

You may be looking at your reflection in the mirror, or staring into the eyes of a lover that’s pouring his/her out for you — these are what makes your reality even more real than it already is.

You don’t have to go to famous Michelin-starred restaurants, and eat dollar-overpriced meals to have a happy tummy.

You don’t have to exchange expensive gifts to show how grateful you are to love and be loved.

You don’t have to go to extreme lengths just to prove how much you truly love someone and make them smile.

No amount of money can buy loyalty.

No top brands can compensate heartbreak and pain.

No level of fame can make you feel less alone.

Living in the wonderland of fantasy, and believing it’ll happen to you any moment now will make it more difficult for you to be happy.

Let happiness not rest on a price, but on a feeling — on a person.

I may not understand everything in this world and think easy for I am still so young, but I know that I know this much.

You hold the power to your happiness.

Go, and get real.

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