Working with friends

Just a short and quick thought I had when I was walking home..

One of the many things I take pride in is working with my friends. You can go all out with your stressed face, and they wouldn’t mind. But they would care enough to tell you to take a breather and a pause — that your health and wellbeing are worth so much more than your monthly paycheck.

You can burst into your frustrations, throw out every detail into your endless rants, and they would listen. But the best part is when they join in, and the whole thing would feel lighter. Your problems remain, but so do your friends.

They make things bearable.

You can go to work tired and lifeless, and they could feel be same. But as you go though the day, you don’t realize that you’re building each other’s energy back up just by being there for one another — being each other’s support, each other’s battery pack.

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