2021 and how it’s going

As the month of February comes to a close, I came to thinking how the past two months have flown too fast. It was as if the 1st of January was only yesterday, and everyone was greeting 2021 with such warm welcomes.

Too many high hopes, too many expectations — 2021 held the key to waking up to 2020’s nightmare.

2021 was the rainbow after the heavy and devastating storm.

But how is 2021? How is it going so far?

As opposed to what I have expected, I have been tired and empty. Waking up was forced by the necessity to work and get through the day. Inspiration was out of reach and motivation was nowhere to be found.

Responsibilities became forced duties that came pile after pile.

Writing, which is my comfort zone and personal space, became difficult. I was always lost for words whenever I try to come up with something. I tried to read to get my brain working, but reading, my favorite pastime, became tiring as well.

The things I used to love doing became somewhat meaningless. All I ever wanted was to lie in bed and break free from all the stressors surrounding me. I end up beating up myself as to why things have been unfair, and why things haven’t changed.

To bask in the warm sunshine by the beach, or walk into a forest of bustling leaves — each passing day this faraway dream becomes pixelated, so blurry like a huge fog is hovering. To break free and disconnect from the world — we all need moments like this.

February is ending, but March is another start. I hope this is just phase that’ll pass.

To everyone who’s feeling the same way, I hope you find the inner fighter in you and just push through.

And as for me, I will keep trying to write more and more not only for my readers, but for myself too. May I find comfort in writing again like I always have.

Let’s all try again.

There may be a lot of stressors in life, but it’s up to us to decide what’s worth stressing over.

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