A love letter to the young me

Hey you,

People will think you’ve had it easy, like everything was handed to you on a silver platter. And that’s okay.

People will think you’ve had a smooth path with no bumps and cracks, like you’ve never struggled in life. And that’s okay.

People will think you’ve had everything you’ve always wanted, like you’ve never experienced blood, sweat and tears go get what you actually want. But still, that’s okay.

People will have all kinds of thoughts and use that to bring you down, and that’s okay.

You will cry, you will break. But you’ll learn to pick up the pieces of your beautiful self and build a better and braver — a stronger you.

You’ll come across many people with different personalities, and will learn how to deal with each one.

You’ll experience the highs of one success to another, then dive into your lowest from one failure to another. You’ll doubt your capabilities, you’ll doubt yourself.

But even when life’s complexities break you piece by piece, never lose yourself in the process.

You just have to go through all that.

But although growing up may not all be rainbows and butterflies, it’s still colorful. You’ll learn to appreciate the different shades of black and white, learn to find peace in blue and grays, and learn to bloom in the brightest of reds and yellows.

What I’m saying is, don’t get discouraged to live just because you might encounter the worst things in life.

Life is only short if you haven’t lived. So, go live it.

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