Blogging 101: The Pros and Cons

It took me quite some time to decide whether I should put up my very own blog or not. On one hand, I wasn’t ready for the world to have a tour inside my head. And on the other hand, I kind of wanted people to know what’s inside my head.

The 50-50, the pros and cons, the worries and excitement — deciding was overwhelming.

But then, I loved writing. I love it. My style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine. It’s like my DNA encrypted and coded into words. It’s entirely mine! And then voila!

I started blogging.

So, what are the pros and cons of blogging?


  • It’s easy to start with. You can find lots of platforms that can support your blog, like WordPress.
  • You can start a community! A community of writers, book lovers, Marvel fans, anime fanatics, KPop — it can be a great platform to circulate or generate ideas in line with your interests.
  • It can be your diary or your archive. You don’t have to share everything though. Maybe just bits and pieces of you that you would want to share with the world without hurting your privacy or anyone else’s.
  • Your reach can be incredible. If you’re an inspirational writer, imagine the impact you can have on other people. If your blog’s relatable, your blog maybe someone’s daily source of motivation.


  • Your blog will be needing constant updates. It’s easy to start a blog, but it’s discipline that can let you keep it. And that part of disciplining yourself is the most difficult part.
  • Privacy alert! Sometimes being too honest is dangerous. So learn to keep a few things to yourself.
  • The automatic impression that your writing reflects your current situation or feelings. For example, I write something heartbreaking. Now, my readers will think I’m heartbroken even when I’m not. It’s inevitable though, but that’s that.
  • People can steal your ideas. They will and that’s normal. And again, it’s also inevitable.

If you think there are more pros to blogging than cons, then go and quit the overthinking and start your own blog!

You don’t necessarily have to write for other people. You can write for YOU. Besides, it’s your blog.

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