What to do when you don’t know what to do


Ask yourself what you want.

Not what’s easier, not what’s more convenient — but what you really want.

Decide on what’s going to make you the happiest on your long-term, and not on what’s going to make you comfortable on your short-term.

Ask yourself what you want and not what others want.

Families and friends — the people around you can easily influence what you want and what you do. They say elders know best for they have the experience, or that you should take this and that advice from a friend. But when you come to think of it, it’s your life. Not theirs.

Decide on what you really want, and not on what’s going to please and impress other people. Own your life.

Ask yourself what you want, not what you wish you wanted.

With social media, our wants become influenced with all the “what should bes” and “what should have beens”. You might love the idea of being this kind of person, or the idea of having this lifestyle, but desiring to live in a certain way that’s not really what you want might feel different and unsatisfactory in the end.

Decide on what can truly make you happy, and not on what’s gonna look good on Instagram.

Ask yourself what you want, and not what makes more sense on paper.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. It’s messy most especially when our emotions are illogical and our hearts are reckless. That’s life! Things won’t always make sense.

Decide on a life that’s actually good for you. A life that brings genuine joy and satisfaction. A life that may be complex, but worthwhile.

Ask yourself what you want, not what you used to want.

We are all bound to change as we age. And so do our wants and dreams. However, don’t feel guilty about not wanting things that you used to like.

Decide on what you want now and chase it. Chase what makes you happy in the present, and don’t allow yourself to get stuck with what you wanted in the past. You’ve grown, you’ve changed.

Live the now, and chase after it.

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