A Quick Thought on Trial by Social Media

Imagine waking up to this:

Your phone is buzzing early in the morning. Families and friends have left hundreds of missed calls and text messages. You have no idea what’s with all the attention you’re getting.

Your Facebook’s a mess. You Twitter has lagged. Your Instagram has been reported.

All this just because of one mistake. Or one misunderstood post. One comment out of complex emotions.

Just one. And now you’re under trial by social media.

Yes, the Internet has changed our lives. And no, it’s not our fault to be born into this world of Digital Age.

However, the reality of how one click can ruin the lives of many is utterly devastating.

Social media’s reach is so incredible that it connected people of different cultures and races. But it’s undisciplined usage and rash reactions have caused numerous suicides and mental health issues.

This blog post is not meant to lecture anyone in any sort of way. How you take this in is up to you, and how you take this in reflects what kind of person you are. This simply is a reminder to think before you click, to think before you share.

You may be strong enough to face malicious comments about you and brave enough to handle criticisms. But not everyone is like you. Harsh words can end someone’s life.

Let’s all be responsible in using our social media platforms.

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