21 things to thank yourself for before 2021 ends

You need to let go of the good for the great.


1. Thank you for saying “no” to all the times you wanted to say “yes”.

Thank yourself for knowing what’s best and walking away from the things that broke you, is breaking you or will break you. Give yourself credit for being brave. Brave enough to chin up instead of to hang your head down low.

2. Thank you for working hard to reach your goals.

Thank yourself for the perseverance, the dedication. Thank yourself for working so hard to make every single goal come true, even if you didn’t meet all of them. Thank yourself for doing everything you can to not drown in the regrets of what ifs and what could have beens.

3. Thank you for knowing your worth.

Thank yourself for not giving away all your time for free. Though offer-times are good for the company you’re working at, you know that you very well deserve to ask for payment for the times you’ve slept late to get a job done, or for all the weekends you’ve dedicated to work. Thank yourself for not feeling bad because being overworked is not what you deserve.

4. Thank you for the times you questioned your judgment.

Thank yourself for the humility inside your heart. For the times that even when you knew you were right, you questioned your choices. You spent time to rethink about your decisions. You thought over the words you’ve said. Thank yourself for always leaving an acceptance room for your mistakes.

5. Thank you for seeking help.

Thank yourself for an even greater humility. To seek another person’s help doesn’t make you weak, but to think you’re already great to seek for one makes you the weakest.

6. Thank you for trying new food.

Thank yourself for the great food you’ve consumed. For trying new things, for appreciating new flavors. Food is therapy.

7. Thank you for disciplining yourself to not overspend.

Thank yourself for the savings. Your bank account sends its sincere gratitude, love and appreciation.

8. Thank you for making amends with people you’ve disconnected.

Thank yourself for finding it in your heart to re-welcome people you’ve forgotten, people you’ve pushed away, or people you’ve parted with. To rekindle connections — may it be family or friends, has made your heart healthy.

9. Thank you for the charitable things you did this year.

Thank yourself for sharing what you have, and for giving what you can give. May it be donating clothes to goodwill, organizing a service project or just planting a tree. Thank you for achieving your service goals to help humanity and mother nature.

10. Thank you for learning something new about yourself.

Thank yourself for getting to know YOU better. It doesn’t have to be deep and self-changing. It’s enough to have figured out how you like vodka better than gin.

11. Thank you for surrounding yourself with good people.

Thank yourself for being around people who appreciate your totality.

12. Thank you for exercising good judgement in the mundane moments of life.

Thank yourself for being able to take care of you. For riding and not driving when you’ve had a drink. For looking both ways when crossing the street. Or for even just wearing a mask when going out.

13. Thank you for saying “yes”.

Thank yourself for saying yes to improvements. For not staying still, but moving forward to a better place. Thank yourself for saying yes to better opportunities. Thank yourself for getting out of your comfort zone to seek for growth.

14. Thank you for keeping in touch with your grandparents.

Thank yourself for making some time for them while they’re still around.

15. Thank you for spending time to declutter and reorganize.

Thank yourself for giving YOU the sense of peace you needed when walking into your room or opening the closet.

16. Thank you for all the good clothes you’ve bought.

Thank yourself for finally buying the sweat pants you’ve always wanted. The long dresses, the knitted sweaters, the skinny jeans. To splurge a little on what can make you feel good isn’t always bad. You gotta spoil yourself once in a while.

17. Thank you for the times your phone buzzed and you looked away.

Thank you, self.

18. Thank you for helping someone change his/her life.

Thank yourself for all the times you’ve helped someone without seeking for anything in return.

19. Thank you for finally buying the one thing you’ve been saving up all year.

Thank yourself for giving YOU the happiness you deserve. And sometimes that happiness is in a form of a coffee machine.

20. Thank you for thing you put together all by yourself.

Thank yourself for being independent and self-sufficient. The greatest satisfaction can also be achieved by doing something on your own. Be glad! It’s something to be proud of. For example, assembling a shoe rack, or finishing a thousand-piece puzzle. Congratulations, you.

21. Thank you for all the things not in the list.

Thank yourself for the things only you know, that no one else noticed.

I hope you find it deep in yourselves to have something to be thankful for each day. It doesn’t have to be grand, for it’s always the little things that make our hearts tingle.

As for me, I’m thankful for the small bowl of cashews I had while writing this blog.

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