The Happiness Project: Vibrate

The better we feel, the better life becomes. Our states and moods affect our emotions. In turn, these affect how we filter our own versions of our lives and our personal perception of the world. All of this dictates how we vibrate, and therefore, what we attract toward us. Like a radio transmitter, our rate of vibration corresponds to a broadcast frequency. For example, we … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Vibrate

The Happiness Project: Affirm

We cannot reach any goals if we don’t know what our goals are. What do you want in life? Setting clear intentions is the starting point in creating what you want in life. Without clear goals, it’s like walking in an endless straight road with you not taking any turns. We should establish our desired destination first, and later deal on with the route we’re … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Affirm

The Happiness Project: Imagine

Playdreaming is great. We do it all the time. We imagine, we daydream, we visualize. We play out ideas and storylines with our minds and our imaginations. And this imagination power that we have plays a great role in the mechanics of creating our own reality. Visualization This is the first major tool in creating the life we choose. We use our imaginations to create … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Imagine

The Happiness Project: Attract

The whole universe is made up of energy, and you are a vibrating magnet. We live in an attraction-based world, and we create and pull toward us everything that we experience in our lives from the nature of our thoughts, emotions and words. We are responsible for everything that happens in life, and once we know how it works, we can ride that wave and … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Attract

The beauty of emotional decluttering

Emotional decluttering is the process of letting go of toxic influences, negative mindset and self-destructive thoughts to bring emotional well-being. Emotional decluttering allows you to cultivate happiness and joy by embracing your authentic self. You face both the negativity and positivity, practice unconditional love, and learn how to forgive others and yourself. However, the process of decluttering entails to release and let go of … Continue reading The beauty of emotional decluttering