The Happiness Project: Attract

The whole universe is made up of energy, and you are a vibrating magnet. We live in an attraction-based world, and we create and pull toward us everything that we experience in our lives from the nature of our thoughts, emotions and words.

We are responsible for everything that happens in life, and once we know how it works, we can ride that wave and make it work for us.

The Law of Attraction

Energy attracts energy of a similar quality and vibration.

Human beings are energy. A table is energy. A plant is energy. The sea is energy. Air is energy. Thoughts are energy.

Everything is made up of the same stuff and is connected with the same energy matrix.

In other words, everything in this universe is made up of the same stuff. You and I are the same; we are energy beings. And we live in an energy universe.

What we think about and focus on materialize in our lives. When you are positively thinking about good things, you will attract them. Similarly, if you are focusing on doom, gloom or unhappiness, you don’t have to be a genius to work out on what you’re going to be attracting into your world.

Energy is magnetic.

How does this idea relate to our thoughts, feelings and visualizations?

As these are all energy-based forms, they attract life experiences which mirror and reflect the content of our thoughts and feelings back to us.

Ever heard of the saying,

“… be careful what you wish for; you might just get it?”

How very true this is.

How we think and feel magnetically attracts what comes to us in our lives.

Once we become aware of this scientific fact, we can see that thinking positively is so important to having a happy life, as it directly affects and creates the positive things that show up in our lives. It now becomes clear that it is important to keep a handle on what we feel, think and talk about and the vibration of the people that we spend our time with.

Everything we think about and focus on, we magnetically attract directly into our lives.

Thoughts become things.

A thought is very light, a very malleable form of energy. Thoughts can easily start a process of creating an experience.

An idea in the mind is always the first component of anything happening in life and it is a thought that precedes our life experiences and manifestations.

Let’s take for example, a vacation. In order to plan a vacation, you must have to think of going on a vacation. With the thought in motion, the vibration is set up. Before you know it, the thought vibrates back and turns into a physical manifestation in your life. Thus, the vacation happens.

You create your reality.

It’s a simple law of physics. You will get more of what you’re thinking most. The focus point of your attention will be the trigger for what is manifested directly into your world.

We need to upgrade our positive thinking, feelings and focusing. Sometimes our negative beliefs and negative programming get in the way of the process of looking on the bright side.

It’s all about your mindset.

Change your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance, and watch life catch up with this belief. Go first with your mindset and let life follow.

However, just thinking positively won’t crack the nut. There is more to it than this.

We carry blocks in our lives that we are not even aware of. And these blocks hold us back. Once we see these blocks and release them, we are on our way and these old blocks are thrown away. We can move forward without getting stuck.

As we go through together with The Happiness Project, let’s help identify these old patterns and beliefs that are hurting us. Once we have identified them, we can use our mind power to kick these beliefs out of our lives forever.

Many of us have blocks and mind program patters that no longer support us. These need to be cleared out and replaced with more positive abundance-building beliefs.

I hope you stay with me in this 11-part blog on creating the life you choose with The Happiness Project by Joe.

Blog posts will be released weekly on Saturdays at 6PM PHT. Keep posted!


Find a place where you will be fine to relax. Allow yourself to imagine a new experience, set a positive intention, and give thanks that life is changing. Know that great things are already happening to you.

Download this file and accomplish your very own “Time to Change” chart. Use this to write down anything you want to go for in your life. It can be big or small, easy or tricky. Get it down and add to it as we go along.

Go and spend a day to yourself. Go and get a ME-time.

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