The Happiness Project: Imagine

Playdreaming is great. We do it all the time. We imagine, we daydream, we visualize. We play out ideas and storylines with our minds and our imaginations. And this imagination power that we have plays a great role in the mechanics of creating our own reality.


This is the first major tool in creating the life we choose. We use our imaginations to create what we want to bring into our experiences. This is a natural process for our minds.

We think, we make pictures and we make associations around our thoughts. For example, creatively visualize your own front door. You would go inside your mind and put up some sort of image relating to what your front door looks like to you. You may see the color or the frame or the shape. This may appear as a picture, a feeling or some kind of “sense” of it. Whatever it is, and whatever method you used inside your mind, you creatively visualized your own front door. You have made a creative visual representation of the idea.

Be creative with visualization.

Images, patterns, sounds, voice, tracks, feelings, senses, thoughts and ideas flow through our minds. Some us make pictures, others mind-movies, some use a mixture of doing creative visualization. We all have different ways of dealing with our thoughts.

Designing your life for a positive outcome requires you to take control of your visualization. Whatever you think about and focus on is what you are attracting and directly choosing to bring into your life. When your mind wanders into a place that make you feel bad, learn to move your thoughts away and shift your attention onto something that’ll make you feel better.

Positive Visualization

An important component in the mix of manifesting is being in a peaceful, relaxed state with a positive mental attitude while you are visualizing and imagining your future. Being in a negative mental state immediately sets up barriers to being in the flow or getting things done the way you would like.

Being in a positive frame of mind allows us to create life experiences positively and easily. This opens up the gates that let you get into the flow and begin powerful manifesting.

Use your imagination — it’s like a muscle. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Susie Pearl

Real or made up? In reality, it doesn’t matter.

Your mind cannot tell the difference between a made-up or imagined idea that you visualized and a real one that you have experienced. The brain treats it as true anyway and attracts accordingly. If you think you are rich, your mind will believe you.

The best time to do your creative visualizations is when you are in a relaxed state. When you are comfortable, this is the best time to run your imagination on full power.

But what if you can’t?

There are some people who believe they cannot visualize. This is usually caused by emotional blocks. They may have unwillingness to go inside and stir up unwanted emotions that they believe are best left buried deep inside. It may be because these people do not want to reach their emotions for the fear of what would happen if the floodgates were open.

Whatever the reasons, know that it is safe to go within and play with your imagination. Your brain is built to be an imagining device.

The more you consciously visualize, the better you get at manifesting the good stuff.

Imagine what you want to create.

Make sure that what you are visualizing represents what you are truly looking to bring into your life. Be careful not to visualize on things you don’t want.

For example, you feel you do not have enough money. Would it be sensible to start visualizing and focusing on this lack of money and the fear that goes with it?


Turn your situation around by focusing on a positive feeling of the very thing that you choose to bring in: having the abundance of money in your life.

Turn “I don’t have enough money” idea to…

“I already bring plenty of money into my life and I’m feeling good inside.”

All messages are taken and received as if they are in the positive.

Another example would be, “I don’t want debt” would be received as a sense that “I am focused on debt. Please activate this idea further for me to show me more debt.”

That is how it is delivered to you. Therefore, it produces outcomes which bring more debt experience into your life. Many people spend a lot of their day chewing over the fact that they have debt and they don’t have enough money. This will only perpetuate the debt story.

Try focusing on an idea such as “I choose to have financial abundance now. I have plenty examples that I am truly wealthy already.” This idea will instantly pivot you and point you towards attracting an abundant result.


This is a powerful stuff. Be aware that creative visualizations will only work for positive intentions.

You cannot hope to use this for bad or to cause others to suffer without getting hold of the negative aspects and suffering yourself. If you use creative visualization with bad intent, you are triggering the laws of karma which means that your intention will come spinning back to you.

Equally, if you are going around sending out love and good intentions to others, then by the same token equivalent things or better will fly back to you like a boomerang.

What you focus on will show up in your life. From this, we can see why it is important to maintain feelings of optimism, positivity and goodness.

Do this!


1. Choose the idea you wish to form.

Decide on a topic or a theme. This may be a new car, a new partner, a job you love, slimmer body, or just a happier life.

Choose something that is not too far from your grasp. It is best to choose something that feels possible and within reach.

2. Create pictures, feelings, sensations and a soundtrack of the idea in your mind.

Gather in your mind an appropriate image, create a “mind-movie”.

Next, add some strong and positive feelings into the mix. For example, excitement. Take this feeling and spin it around inside you.

Add in the senses, whatever is necessary for you to make it feel more real. Then add a sound track to your visualization. A gentle breeze, the sound of the waves — whatever works for you.

Mix everything together.

3. Give the idea focus and thanks.

Focus on your visualization. You are observing you in the picture in your mind’s eye.

Do this from time to time. Maybe 20 times a day. Or when you’re taking breaks. Give love to the images in your head and some positive warm feelings. The feelings are important of the triggering process.

Add in some gratitude too, for allowing yourself to dive deep.

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