The Happiness Project: Affirm

We cannot reach any goals if we don’t know what our goals are.

What do you want in life?

Setting clear intentions is the starting point in creating what you want in life. Without clear goals, it’s like walking in an endless straight road with you not taking any turns. We should establish our desired destination first, and later deal on with the route we’re taking on how to get there. Our routes may change due to life’s unpredictability. And that’s what makes the whole journey fun and thrilling.

Know where you are going for it’s the only way you can be sure how to get there.


Go to your favorite place with a piece of paper or a notebook. Write down what you would like to create in the next week, next month, next year, and next couple of years — even beyond that. Write away and do not edit yourself. Be free from the reins, be creative.

I would like to create…

  • In the next week
  • In the next month
  • In the next six month
  • In the next year
  • In the next five years
  • In the next ten years
  • And beyond

Do this regularly. Once you are clear on what you would like to create, you can now take small steps to start heading to the right direction.

Life is about change; thus, intentions change. They expand and develop over time. This is the beautiful nature of life. We set new desires and intentions all the time.


The best way to power up your intentions is through setting up affirmations. This will add strength to the mind-creation process.

Affirmations can design your life effectively. These will help your brain recognize new ways of thinking about your world. Our brain does not know the difference between “made up” and real”. Thus, as far as your mind is concerned, if it has a sense of an idea, the mind will consider it real and bring experiences to correspond with this.

How to structure affirmations:
  • Give a clear statement of intention to work alongside your visualization.
  • Turn this statement into present tense and make it active as if you are doing it already.
  • Make it personal by including your name in the statement.
  • Make the affirmation specific.
  • State affirmations in the positive and in terms of what you DO want, rather than what you DO NOT want.
  • Keep the statements simple, clear and concise.

For example:

  • I, Joe, already understand what it feels like to live my life calmly, without drama.
  • I, Joe, already have success in my life, day by day.
  • I, Joe, already have the feelings of making good decisions in my life.

Keeping it private

Affirmations should be for your eyes only. You created them for you, not for someone else. Only you know what you want to choose to bring into your own life for your best and for your most productive outcome.

You don’t need to share these affirmations with others for manifesting works best when kept private. Do not invite others to comment or critique your statements, unless it’s a personal coach or mentor.

Affirmations will help change your mindset to positive. It will clear up your fuzzy thinking. It will set your mind to the right direction for these are strong and positive statements.

Believe in the power of affirmations and begin to see it working in action.

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