The Happiness Project: Vibrate

The better we feel, the better life becomes.

Our states and moods affect our emotions. In turn, these affect how we filter our own versions of our lives and our personal perception of the world. All of this dictates how we vibrate, and therefore, what we attract toward us.

Like a radio transmitter, our rate of vibration corresponds to a broadcast frequency. For example, we are happy. Our rate of vibration corresponds to a broadcast station like “Radio Happiness”. As we tune into this frequency, we attract more of the same energy through the Law of Attraction. This affects how we see things, and alters our perception of the world and how we see “reality”.

Feeling happy, we will be filtering more of the goodness and only noticing the things that are good for these correspond to our happy vibrations. On the other hand, if we feel predominantly negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear or frustration, we are more likely to notice the bad things. Negativity will appear on our radar and will cause us to see more negative things.

Slide up the scale

The state of feeling good is important. But there may be moments in our lives that we’re just not feeling good. And our approach should be thinking, “how do I get from down here to up there?”

The best answer would be to choose a better feeling right away. You can choose the High Vibration feelings on the diagram and steer clear from the Low Vibration.

It is not always easy or possible to make a massive change. But the best route would always be to gradually work through choosing better feeling states step by step.

But external factors can change your states from time to time. For example, you’re currently feeling depressed. Then out of nowhere, a friend brings in a whole cake of your desired flavor. Your spirits are then uplifted.

Think about what your “state changers” are and list them down. Maybe you don’t need someone to buy you a cake because you yourself can.

Only you are the architect and designer of your feelings inside.


There are many things which can speed us into high or low frequency states easily.

High Vibration Enhancers
  • Meditating
  • Listening to uplifting music
  • Walking in nature
  • Hearty laughing
  • Eating high vibration food like fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Giving help to others
  • Singing and dancing
  • Moving around
  • Exercising
  • Love
Low Vibration Enhancers
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Toxic gossips
  • News and newspapers
  • Sugary drinks and sodas
  • Listening to negative song lyrics
  • Aggression and anger
  • Rotting smells

It is always a good idea to move away from things that make you feel bad and move toward things that make you feel good. This includes people, news, entertainment and thoughts. And this is up for you to decide how you will influence your own state of being and feelings moment by moment.

Do it today. And then do it again tomorrow. And repeat it on a daily basis.

Choose a new set point

Make a choice now about the emotion you are going to choose today.

We all tend to have a natural set point for our states of being. In other words, these are the default positions that we usually come from day to day. For example, hearing an annoying voice from someone you don’t like can affect your set point, and this will be carried all throughout the day.

You can change your set point and choose a new default position at any time, and it is a wise move to do this.

Think on this. There are many strategies for shifting into a new emotion.

Answer this:

  • My default emotion up to now has been:
  • Friend #1’s view of my default emotion up to now is:
  • I find this (e.g. wrong, surprising, interesting, spot on…):
  • Friend #2’s view of my default emotion up to now is:
  • I find this (e.g. wrong, surprising, interesting, spot on…):
  • My new chosen default emotion is (e.g. happiness, forgiveness, feeling good, positive…):
  • To get to my target, I am working my way up the scale toward my new target emotional radio station starting with this emotion point (e.g. hopeful, optimistic, contented…):

Look again at the Emotions Chart/Diagram and decide what your default position is right now. Then stop and ask two friends who know you well where the would place you.

Emotions affect your reality.

When you are in a low state of vibration, it can be difficult to do many things. Let alone do anything at all! You may feel heavier from time to time and have feelings of “being stuck” at just one point.

But when you’re in a high state of vibration, you are able to communicate better, feel better and do things better. It is likely that you will be feeling lighter. It is at this level that ideas and creative thoughts flow freely and actions appear effortless.

It is so much easier to access creativity, inspiration, well-being, confidence and insight when you feel good and you are running on a high-frequency band. These positive qualities resonate at the higher vibration.

Positive feelings allow us to access our own higher realms and resources, which are in fact limitless.

Success requires good feelings, and positive manifestation happens faster from higher states of emotion. And since it’s your happiness that we’re talking about, it’s definitely up to you if you want to work your way up to the high scale.

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