People leave.

The truth is, people leave. People come and go. People will walk in and out of your life for one reason or another. And that’s just the cycle of human relationships. We, humans, are social beings. We connect through friendship and love. And with this, we’ll continue to experience breakups and endings. It’s inevitable, it’s reality. There are many reasons as to why people leave. … Continue reading People leave.

A quick thought on cheating: Who said it was okay?

Cheating is never okay. Who said it was? “Let’s know the whole the story before we judge.” We all know this is a lie. We tend to judge those who cheat as quick as lightning. Why? Because it’s wrong. How about we cover the basics? Cheating is when two people are in a committed relationship and one of the partners has relations with someone outside … Continue reading A quick thought on cheating: Who said it was okay?

Not because it’s common, it’s less special.

Sometimes we stray from things or experiences that are common, and think that they’re less special because of their commonality. Well, we shouldn’t be thinking that way. Clichés are beautiful that’s why people know or even swoon about it. The art of writing letters, the gift-giving, the flowers and the chocolates, and even the constant exchanges of “I love yous” — all these are beautiful. … Continue reading Not because it’s common, it’s less special.

The Happiness Project: Law

The phrase, “everything and anything is possible” revolves around the irrefutable laws of the universe. These laws are centered into the heart of creating a life you wish to have. The Law of Balance I’m sure you know what it’s like to have mood swings. One minute you’re feeling like you’re on top of the world, and the next you’re spiraling down to the depths … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Law

It’s time to let go.. of your BFF

Genuine friendships — I bet everyone wants to have a best friend who can make you feel secure and safe. Having a best friend whom you can rely on is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and is something that you want to last forever. Saying good bye to a best friend can be pretty devastating and heartbreaking. But trying to save a friendship … Continue reading It’s time to let go.. of your BFF

The Happiness Project: Ask

You get precisely what you ask for. In full. With a receipt. With guarantee. This continues for the rest of your life. Although it can feel like it takes a while, but it will always show up. Believe that we can have anything we choose. Would this mean that we can choose to have only positively focused conversations? YES. Would this mean we would stop … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Ask

Habits that can hurt your mental health

If you feel like your mental health is depleting, it is always best to seek medical diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional. This post is meant to raise self-awareness. 1. Perfectionism Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? Being a perfectionist, on the good side, can ensure that everything you do is done to the highest possible standards. This can make you very valuable … Continue reading Habits that can hurt your mental health

Signs you have a meaningful connection with someone

If you’re reading this, who’s the first person you think of? What is your relationship with that person? Is there some kind of intensity to that relationship? Have you ever wondered why a certain connection with someone is so strong and you just can’t explain it? There’s something about them, but you don’t know what. You’re just in sync with your thoughts and emotions. Here … Continue reading Signs you have a meaningful connection with someone