The 4 Types of Introverts

Oftentimes, introverts are the misunderstood members of social groups. But there’s more to the spectrum of being an introvert than the socializing frequency.

Reminder: Being an introvert shouldn’t be misinterpreted as just plain shyness or anxiety, or even a disorder. Introversion is a preference.

The Social Introvert

This is the classic introvert that most people are aware of. A social introvert prefers to spend time alone. But if they do socialize, it would only be within a close group of friends. Social introverts enjoy their own company and the company of others. However, spending too much time in the presence of other people will make them feel emotionally drained; thus, the need to recharge by spending some time alone.

The Introspective Introvert

This type of introvert spends a lot of time thinking and drowning in their own thoughts — an “aloof daydreamer” to those who don’t really know them. These people tend to get lost in their heads as they like to think about everything they see and hear. They are very introspective and in tune with their feelings resulting to critical thinking. Some might have a difficulty in connecting with introspective introverts for they have a unique thought process and prefer to experience their thoughts rather than explain them.

The Anxious Introvert

The anxious introvert or the shy introvert is someone who struggles in interacting with people. These are the those who replay scenarios in their heads thinking about what they said or what they did, and what they could’ve done differently. This type of introvert will likely decline large gatherings and events, not because they are aware of their socializing frequency, but because they are aware of the anxiety that will build up when they’re around a large crowd.

The Restrained Introvert

This type of introvert is someone who holds themselves back and takes a little while before warming up to the people around them and completely putting themselves out there. Thus, these people hate being rushed. They will go out if they’ve had it planned. They find comfort in routine and appreciate ample forewarning. These people aren’t afraid of social interactions though. Restrained introverts are just socially selective.

Are you an introvert? If yes, then which of these four types did you relate to? It is important to know what type of introvert you are as this will help you strengthen interpersonal relationships.

If you can’t relate to any of the four, then you might be an ambivert closer to the spectrum of being an extrovert.

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