The Happiness Project: Align

We are vibrational beings. We are designed to think, feel and be. These aspects dictate who we are and who we become, as well as what flow into our experience. It is only by choosing feelings of joy that we create vibrant, successful and happy lives. To allow ourselves to let in beautiful lives full of our hearts’ desires, we must vibrate effortlessly with joy, … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Align

Things to remember when you’re having self-doubts

When was the last time you doubted yourself? Or do you ever doubt yourself? Were there times when you questioned every single decision you made? “I could’ve done better.” “I could’ve chosen a better option.” Everyone has experienced self-doubt. This is one of the many emotions that makes us human. Whether it may be with your family, your career, your love interest — self-doubt can … Continue reading Things to remember when you’re having self-doubts