The Happiness Project: Align

We are vibrational beings. We are designed to think, feel and be. These aspects dictate who we are and who we become, as well as what flow into our experience.

It is only by choosing feelings of joy that we create vibrant, successful and happy lives.

To allow ourselves to let in beautiful lives full of our hearts’ desires, we must vibrate effortlessly with joy, love and wonder.

The “Many Worlds” Model by Hugh Everett III

The “Many Worlds” proposes that an infinite number of realities exist for us. We simply go and choose a different reality from the many that are already on offer and that already exist simultaneously. In simpler terms, there are many versions of us already in existence. But we are only aware of one reality in our consciousness for the purposes of being present in our lives.

Being aware of only one reality, we are more able to focus on our experiences, learnings and enjoyment of life.

What we manifest and create in life emanates from our choice and the version of us which we are choosing to be.


Alignment is when you line up with who you are choosing to be in the present moment.

You can choose to be any version of yourself you like. With your chosen self, your reality is created.

Our emotions are the indicators of how aligned we are. If we are feeling good, then we are in alignment with who we are choosing to be. If we feel bad, then we know we are not in alignment with our best, chosen version.

Use your emotions as a guidance tool that lets you know when you need to shift and make new, better choices and better alignments. Keep aiming for good feelings. Choose well. You get to decide your own emotions at all times.

So decide to feel good in this moment.

Step by step alignment with your chosen self

  1. Choose a version of yourself that you want to be (healthy, toned, happy, whatever components you want to include that you are choosing to be).
  2. Go inside by closing your eyes and breathing to get relaxed. Instruct yourself to “align” with the version that you chose.
  3. Get the feeling that you are in alignment with this new chosen version of you.
  4. Go have fun and do what it is you want to be doing, only this time from a new perspective of the new you.

Like trying a new set of clothes, ask yourself if you like the style. Do you like the feel of this new you? Now that you’ve tried it on, can you see if it can be improved upon in any way? If so, make any adjustments to the version of you that you are seeing. Align with it, and align again.

Keep changing, keep re-visualizing, until you get a resounding YES.

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