Signs you have a meaningful connection with someone

If you’re reading this, who’s the first person you think of? What is your relationship with that person? Is there some kind of intensity to that relationship?

Have you ever wondered why a certain connection with someone is so strong and you just can’t explain it? There’s something about them, but you don’t know what. You’re just in sync with your thoughts and emotions.

Here are tell-tale signs that you have made a meaningful connection with someone:

You immediately feel drawn to them. From the first time you met, you wanted to get to know them. You wanted to be someone to them. You felt intrigued and you are just drawn to their presence for reasons you don’t completely understand. And even when you’ve just met, you click!

You really enjoy their company. Do you miss them easily after saying goodbye? Do you constantly think of reasons to meet? You have so much fun talking to them, and you like being around them to the point that you crave their company when they’re gone. You also find yourself making lots and lots of plans with them, and when they say YES, that means they feel the same way about you.

You can easily talk to them. If you’re usually the quiet one, or the person who prefers to listen than talk, but for some reason becomes talkative/animated when you’re around this particular person — it’s different. You don’t feel shy or self-conscious. You feel at ease, you become outgoing. Conversations and jokes, gossips and just everything become the most natural thing in the world.

You feel comfortable around them. Whether it’s romantic or entirely platonic, the instant connection is undeniably strong — an intensity you can’t explain. You let them into your deepest thoughts and feelings, even your secrets, because talking to them just feels safe and comfortable. You feel understood. They make you feel seen and heard like nobody else did.

You’re deeply involved with them. You call them when you make big decisions. You call them to come with you when you do some errands. You both know each other’s friends, or even families. You have become significant parts of each other’s lives.

You have made it out of something difficult together. They say nothing brings people together like adversity. If you’ve gone through something serious and difficult together, then it’s only served to strengthen your relationship.

Connections like these are hard to come by. But when they do, everything surely falls into place.

2 thoughts on “Signs you have a meaningful connection with someone

  1. I can relate to this I have a deep meaningful relationship with a guy friend for many years purely platonic which makes it even more special in a way. A friendship of the purest form. Its really important to show your appreciation for those that are consistently there for us x


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