The Happiness Project: Ask

You get precisely what you ask for.

In full. With a receipt. With guarantee.

This continues for the rest of your life. Although it can feel like it takes a while, but it will always show up.

Believe that we can have anything we choose.

Would this mean that we can choose to have only positively focused conversations? YES.

Would this mean we would stop moaning about what’s wrong in our lives and start examining or focusing on what is right and what we are calling for in our lives? YES.

Would we begin to tell the story of how we would like it to be rather than how it has been? YES.

Would we choose to stop complaining and get on with it? YES.

Would we turn off all the bad news coming at us? YES.

These make sense when we want to create the life that we want. Following the logic through, if we stopped trading bad news and gossip with one another, and instead spend more time giving, laughing and dreaming what we would like to bring into our lives — we are manifesting good things and making life happy.

For example, you would like to have a new car. The route to that would be to look at car dealers and car magazines, focus one’s attention on the cars going by and begin your plan to bring this to reality. It would not be telling your friends that you would like a new car, but you haven’t got the chance because you don’t have enough money.

Beat the drum on what you choose to bring into your life! Everything that we have right now, we have chosen. Our life is an elaborate display of our belief systems and our choices. It is displayed for all to see.

I want to lead a happy life.

So yes, we can lead a happy life by focusing on the good stuff we want more of. However, what happens if the bad stuff comes in?

Well, deal with it quickly; don’t engage in it or keep telling the story of it. Repetition has power. Remove it from your life in the fastest way possible and move on. Don’t get stuck with it.

As this is easier said than done, everything will still boil down to your decisions. It depends on how you will look at it. Life will continue to throw difficult and challenging stuff our way, and it is our job to navigate through all those. We should learn how to stay good inside, regardless of what’s going on. We will be constantly presented with challenges to power us up and to learn important lessons.

If we have miserable adventures appearing in our lives, we need to take a look at our belief systems and mind program, as there will be specific belief systems running to make us believe we have to have these sort of things in our life. We may have picked these beliefs along the way from our parents, our ancestors, our environment — but it doesn’t matter where they come from.

The more useful question would be,

“How do we change them?”

Ask and Done.

Full responsibility for everything that we experience springs up from the idea that we “ask” and it is “done.”

When we ask for things in our lives, we must make sure that we ask in the positive and not give out a call for the negative.

If you were to choose between two these two approaches below, what would you choose?

“I never have enough money. I need more.”

“I am ready to receive more money in my life. Thank you.”

Of course, the better approach would be the second statement. The first one resonates desperation, lack and need. On the other hand, the second statement approaches in a more positive term of what you want to ask for. And this will help you look at steps to make it work. Your mindset will then support you throughout your quest.

Believe that we can shape our lives. We are the sculptor. What we think and believe will manifest.

The Seven Life Rules

  1. We create our experience through our mind activity: thoughts, feelings, emotions and focus.
  2. Every request is heard and acted upon by the universal machine.
  3. We get precisely what we ask for, every time, in the perfect time.
  4. We are responsible for 100% of every outcome that shows up in life.
  5. As we are choosing our thoughts, our emotions are guiding us to whether this is taking us in a positive or negative direction. If we head for better feelings, our lives will improve as this is the law of nature.
  6. Our default position is well being, happiness and joy. We are meant to be this and we are designed this way.
  7. Everything is possible through focus, attention and mind mastery.

These concepts can help us understand our best approaches to leading a happy and abundant life. It’s a reminder to remain happy regardless of what’s going on around us.

This blog post is made to educate and raise awareness,. If you are feeling lost or depressed, it is always best to seek help from a licensed professional. And know that it is okay to seek such help.

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