Not because it’s common, it’s less special.

Sometimes we stray from things or experiences that are common, and think that they’re less special because of their commonality. Well, we shouldn’t be thinking that way.

Clichés are beautiful that’s why people know or even swoon about it.

The art of writing letters, the gift-giving, the flowers and the chocolates, and even the constant exchanges of “I love yous” — all these are beautiful. All these are special. But, all these are common too.

People can set standards all they want. We have the right to. But raising the bar too high might be the reason of our unhappiness, or worse, our series of disappointments.

We neglect the common because we want something new, we want something fresh, we want something that’s not yet public — we want something spectacularly phenomenal. But what if all we can do is dream and wait? Would you want to spend the rest of your life waiting for a possibility when in fact you can enjoy the pleasures of something genuine in your reality?

What I’m saying is, appreciate the common things in life for they can bring smiles on our faces without having the need to expend anything. There’s no need to undervalue the ordinary or the usual. Just don’t let it pass by.

Again, not because it’s common, it’s less special.

It’s all about perspective.

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