Be someone who loves.

Be someone who loves without leashes and chains. Be someone who loves wholeheartedly and sets the other person free at the same time. Be someone who pushes them towards their dreams, not someone who holds them back because of your fears.

Be intense with the love you give as it will eventually ricochet its way back to you. ‘Cause people who love you always come back running, one way or another.

Be the one who loves more. I know it’s scary. It’s risky. But be the one who’s brave. Be someone who’s ready to pour your heart out without restrictions and without limitations. Be the one who’s brave enough to believe in the goodness of everyone. Be the one who loves without conditions.

Be the one whose heart is big enough to forgive. Be forgiving not only to others but to yourself too. Be the one who never hates the person who caused you pain. Be the person who never gets tied down to a painful breakup. Be forgiving to yourself for getting involved with the wrong person. It wasn’t your fault, for all you knew it was love at that very moment.

Be someone who the worlds needs. The intensity of your love, the big heart you have, the forgiving self — the world needs more people like you.

In this world full of chaos, be someone who loves. Be someone who cares. Be someone who forgives.

Be someone who inspires. Be someone who leaves such a legacy.

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