A quick thought on cheating: Who said it was okay?

Cheating is never okay. Who said it was?

“Let’s know the whole the story before we judge.”

We all know this is a lie. We tend to judge those who cheat as quick as lightning. Why? Because it’s wrong.

How about we cover the basics?

Cheating is when two people are in a committed relationship and one of the partners has relations with someone outside the couple. Also, this gets worse when alcohol is involved. But what’s the worst is when the cheater is a repeat offender. Cheating ruins the sanctity of a relationship not only to the persons involved, but for all of us. Lots of people lose interest in being in a relationship with the fear of being cheated on.

If you’re the cheater, please don’t play the victim.

It sucks to get cheated on so please don’t play the victim game here and wipe those crocodile tears. One, you don’t have the right to. Second, there are always two guilty parties. It takes two to tango, remember?

You. Are. At. Fault. Don’t try to justify your choices to make yourself feel better.

If you got cheated, don’t tolerate.

If you got cheated on and you chose to continue being in that relationship, please grow a pair and move on. Ignorance is in no way bliss. There’s no excuse to stay with someone who clearly doesn’t respect or care for you and the relationship that you’ve built together.

Let’s not normalize it.

The power of social media, the right to freedom of speech, the feeling of entitlement — cheating has become too mainstream. Some even have labeled it as a current trend. But please, let’s not normalize it. If you can’t be in a monogamous relationship, then don’t be in one. Simple as that. It’s better to be single than be in a relationship that doesn’t bring out the best in you. Also, if you plan to play some games, please don’t involve another person whose persona you might break in the long run.

Cheating is never okay. So let’s stop acting like it is.

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