To be honest…

I envy those who already know what they want with their lives, those who have plans, and those who seem to know what they’re doing. Because here I am who’s lost, and who has zero idea on where my life’s going. On some days, I know what I want and what I’m passionate about. I work hard, I hustle, and I even spare time to write. But on other days, which represent most of my days, I am lost and isolated. My inner emptiness eats what’s left of my motivation.

We hear or even read encouraging words every single day, here and there. And these words have the power to fuel one’s persona if taken to heart. But when you’re feeling really really down, words are just words. You become too heavy for inspiring words to carry.

And that is how I feel today.

It is indeed true that the monsters in our head are scarier that monsters under our bed. What we fear is something that eats us from the inside. I just hope one day I’ll be able to muster up all the courage left inside of me to battle my own monsters, and come out with scars on my heart that I’ll forever be proud of.

This post was written ages ago, and I just kept it on my drafts. But today, I have decided to share this with everyone. Besides, this whole space or platform is my diary.

To those who feel lost and empty, please give yourself a pat.

“You’ve fought well. Please keep going.”

5 thoughts on “To be honest…

  1. Those that look like they know what they want sometimes find themselves doing a u-turn….best not to compare, just focus on our own journey, go with the flow and enjoy life until you feel a clear path emerging. 🤗💫

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    1. Thank you for this, Cherryl! Your inspiring words are appreciated. I’m taking this to heart. Thanks for being one of the persons who made me feel lighter today 🤗💕 I’m sure anyone who reads this will be as grateful as I am. ✨

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