People leave.

The truth is, people leave. People come and go.

People will walk in and out of your life for one reason or another. And that’s just the cycle of human relationships.

We, humans, are social beings. We connect through friendship and love. And with this, we’ll continue to experience breakups and endings. It’s inevitable, it’s reality.

There are many reasons as to why people leave. It depends on one’s individual story. We can’t always see life through someone else’s lens. What we can develop is our own self-awareness, and how we regulate our emotions when situations like separations arise.

Some of us tend to be more affected and deeply sensitive of relationship endings. Separations can be confusing and painful. But what’s worse is when that pain wreaks havoc on one’s mental health.

But, never use up your energy trying to understand another person’s need to leave. Instead of looking for the “whys”, shift your perspective and practice the art of letting go.

We are all unique individuals. Some of us are in it for the long run and in the long haul, while some prefer a more free lifestyle. Rather than taking everything personally, treat the beginning and end with hope, grace and honor. Pray for a better outcome.

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