Lies you need to stop telling yourself

If you feel stuck while you watch everyone else advancing forward, it’s kinda depressing. How can you be like them? For starters, here are some lies that you need to stop telling yourself: You can change people. You can’t. You don’t have the inherent power to do that. If there’s something that you don’t like about someone, it’s better to try to understand. Accept them … Continue reading Lies you need to stop telling yourself

The Happiness Project: Align

We are vibrational beings. We are designed to think, feel and be. These aspects dictate who we are and who we become, as well as what flow into our experience. It is only by choosing feelings of joy that we create vibrant, successful and happy lives. To allow ourselves to let in beautiful lives full of our hearts’ desires, we must vibrate effortlessly with joy, … Continue reading The Happiness Project: Align

Things to remember when you’re having self-doubts

When was the last time you doubted yourself? Or do you ever doubt yourself? Were there times when you questioned every single decision you made? “I could’ve done better.” “I could’ve chosen a better option.” Everyone has experienced self-doubt. This is one of the many emotions that makes us human. Whether it may be with your family, your career, your love interest — self-doubt can … Continue reading Things to remember when you’re having self-doubts

You’re mentally exhausted, not lazy

How have you been lately? Have you ever been surrounded by lazy people? Have you considered yourself lazy? Have you ever thought maybe that’s not the case? Maybe, you’re mentally exhausted and you just need to take a break which is very much okay. We live in a fast-paced world, and the habit of overworking seems to have been normalized. In effect, most people are … Continue reading You’re mentally exhausted, not lazy

The 4 Types of Introverts

Oftentimes, introverts are the misunderstood members of social groups. But there’s more to the spectrum of being an introvert than the socializing frequency. Reminder: Being an introvert shouldn’t be misinterpreted as just plain shyness or anxiety, or even a disorder. Introversion is a preference. The Social Introvert This is the classic introvert that most people are aware of. A social introvert prefers to spend time … Continue reading The 4 Types of Introverts

A quick thought on being the loudest

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. Dalai Lama I have been told that silent people always have the loudest minds, while the loudest one is always the weakest in the room. Let’s take for an example a widely-known product that runs no ads, but is still popular. Its reputation already preceded … Continue reading A quick thought on being the loudest