One day, I’ll write a masterpiece

Maybe someday I’ll write a masterpiece. Something great, something bestseller. Someday, my words will echo in the farmost corners of the world and bring different surges of emotions to my readers.

I’m not sure about you, but as someone who writes, I constantly feel like I should’ve written more. I could’ve said this and that. Or, I could’ve written something that made more sense.

Every day, I ask myself, “Was my writing good enough?”

However, I don’t dwell too much with the thought. Getting tangled up won’t do anything good because honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question. My words aren’t as magical as anybody else’s. Sometimes I think that I’m trying too hard, or I should’ve just kept my thoughts to myself. But I realized, if I kept thinking this way, then nothing would ever be created.

The truth is, a lot of my writings will just be “okay” or “alright.” Every day, my weaknesses will show, and an endless list of points to improve on will multiply. Amazing writers with amazing ideas will continue to intimidate and challenge me. And maybe, for the rest of my life, I’ll need to read and write, stay humble and work consistently on what I have to share with the world. I’ll continue to reevaluate my words, and pour in more meaning to them so that they’ll actually get my messages across.

The struggle will be me having to keep going. I have to. It’s my way of connecting to my deeper self. Writing matters that much. I write because words are so powerful. My words have made me live numerous lives — just so much more that I could ever count.

One day, that masterpiece will come. One day, I’ll have more than enough understanding and substance.

If not, then I’ll still keep writing. Because, well, I love it.

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