When you don’t always get what you prayed for

Sometimes, it’s a gift or a blessing when you don’t get what you prayed for.

Looking back, I felt grateful that some of the things I prayed for didn’t happen. If they did, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Worse, those things could’ve ruined me. I’ve come to realize that when God didn’t answer my prayers, He wasn’t rejecting me but redirecting me. He was telling me to go this way, and today I knew exactly why.

Sometimes it’s a blessing that it didn’t work out with someone you wanted. It could be that he/she wasn’t good enough for you, or he/she wasn’t the right kind of partner to be with in the circumstances you were in. Sometimes God intervenes like this for you to be able to find someone better, or make room for someone who’s about to show up.

Sometimes it’s a blessing that you didn’t get the job that you wanted. It could be that the environment wasn’t suitable for someone like you, or you needed to be in a place where your creative self would jump right out of the box. You were meant for a place where you can go out of your comfort zone, and feel motivated and passionate to do something that can make a difference. God serves at your best interest. There’s a bigger reason as to why your wishes weren’t granted.

When God doesn’t answer your prayers, know that He’s answering them in His own way. To some, it may seem like rejection or heartbreak — even injustice. But it isn’t. There are opportunities or people in your path that He had to remove for you to be able to move forward and see clearly where you are meant to be.

Trust in God’s timing. Trust in His plans. When you figure out what God’s visions are behind your unanswered prayers, you will then realize and understand that sometimes He is also protecting you from yourself.

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