A letter to my friends for when I seem distant

Dear friends, if I haven’t told you anything that’s heartbreaking or crippling, it is not because I don’t trust you or find your support unhelpful. And it’s not because I don’t value our friendship. Forgive me if and when this happens. It simply means I am not ready to talk about my feelings, and my heart is just not ready. I hope you’ll understand me. I might just need some time.

Dear friends, I may say “I’m okay” when I’m not. And forgive me if I may lie. Don’t take this to heart, I have nothing against you. I just can’t talk about it yet, and it’s difficult for me. I may not have the strength to explain my feelings for every minute of the day, so please be patient with me. Trust me, your warmth and comfort are important to me. But sometimes, I’ll be needing space.

Dear friends, I urge you to take some time to cherish the people you love today, for tomorrow is not guaranteed. Go love a little harder, hug a little tighter. It doesn’t hurt to give a little more extra of something.

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